DoMaJe: Way Down in the Hole

Main Titles

Pitbull: Toma

Omar & Renaldo watch Cheese

Diablo & Darkroom Productions: Round My Hood

Kenard & Namond on corner

Black Toast Music: This Is a Raid

Michael & Namond on street

The Wild Magnolias: New Suit

Omar in Butchie's bar

Opus1: Silent Night

Carcetti waits

Opus1: Joy To The World

Carcetti waits

Opus1: We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Carcetti waits

Raymond Winnfield: Things Could Be Better

Bunk & McNulty in bar

Funkadelic: In The Cabin of My Uncle Jam

Prop Joe gets a call

Salt-n-Pepa: Get Up Everybody

Kimmy sings to guard

Blake Leyh: The Fall

End titles

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