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Song Title: Way Down in the Hole

Main Titles

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Song Title: Picture Perfect

Prop Joe & Marlo talk

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Mullyman & Darkroom Productions

Song Title: Get Ready (Bodymore Soldiers)

Chris & Marlo Talk

Alexis Y Fido

Song Title: Eso Ehh

Omar & Renaldo in van

Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes

Song Title: Don't Leave Me This Way

Prop Joe's Store

Pump Audio

Song Title: Water

Michael at Store

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Billie Holiday

Song Title: I Cover The Waterfront

Colvin's car

Black Toast Music

Song Title: Highway 14

Colvin in restaurant

Alison Krauss

Song Title: Goodbye Is All We Have

Daniels & Pearlman

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Three 6 Maffia

Song Title: Poppin' My Collar

Namond plays the car radio


Song Title: Lord Give Me A Sign

Andre & Slim Charles

Blake Leyh

Song Title: The Fall

End titles

46: Know Your Place

Season 4

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