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Song Title: Way Down in the Hole

Main Titles

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Black Toast Music

Song Title: Get It Done

Herc pulls over SUV

The Pogues

Song Title: Body of An American

Foerster's wake


Song Title: Thumparella

Prop Joe's store


Song Title: B.O.B.

Carcetti watches cops work

Paula Campbell

Song Title: Won't Love You Back

Bunk in Andre's store

Black Toast Music

Song Title: Hard Time

Namond's walkman

Tyree Colion & Darkroom Productions

Song Title: Soldierz Story

Marlo's courtyard

Angela Johnson

Song Title: Where's The Love

Bunk in Andre's Store

Black Toast Jazz

Song Title: Another Moon

Daniels & Carcetti meet

Blake Leyh

Song Title: The Fall

End titles

45: Corner Boys

Season 4

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