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Church choir

Song Title: Lead Me Guide Me



Song Title: Psalm



Song Title: Way Down in the Hole

Main Titles

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Black Toast Jazz

Song Title: One More Once

Carcetti & Clay Davis

Curtis Mayfield

Song Title: Move On Up (Extended Version)

Cutty jogs

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Black Toast

Song Title: Attention

Boys in Donut's SUV

Rick James

Song Title: Give it To Me Baby

Omar in store

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Angela Johnson

Song Title: Got To Let It Go

Namond at home

Blake Leyh

Song Title: Robots In The Hood

Namond's video game


Song Title: Three Deuces

Carcetti victory rally

Sister Sledge

Song Title: We Are Family

Carcetti victory rally

Blake Leyh

Song Title: The Fall

End titles

43: Margin of Error

Season 4

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