Sm Town: 2nd Winter

Omar in deli

DoMaJe: Way Down in the Hole

Main Titles

Black Toast Music: Drop From Below

Chris & Snoop in SUV

The Diplomats: Crunk Muzik

Michael handles junkies

Paco: Brinquen Mi Raza

Omar & Ronaldo in van

Alfonso Christian Lover: Can't You See

Greggs in store

The Iguanas: 9 Volt Heart

McNulty at home

The Iguanas: Arrimate

McNulty at home

Max Harris: Cool Stepper

Colvin in hotel room

Macy Gray: Why Didn't You Call Me

Omar robs store

Black Toast Music: Bullet To The Brain

Ext funeral home car by

Billy Sherwood: Organic

Funeral home organ

Blake Leyh: The Fall

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