Russell "Stringer" Bell

played by Idris Elba

Character Bio

The number two in the now-fallen Barksdale organization, Bell grew up in the projects alongside Avon Barksdale and his chief enforcer, Wee-Bey Brice. A master of organization with a penchant for economic theory, Bell came close to turning the corner and establishing himself as a legitimate real estate developer, and removing himself from the day-to-day of the narcotics organization, remaining as only "The Bank" with the financial investment behind the wholesale packages. His efforts to reform the violence and gangsterism of the drug trade - amoral though they were - ultimately led to a complicated series of maneuvers that backfired, resulting in his ambush at the hands of Brother Mouzone and Omar Little - an ambush that Avon Barksdale was required to accept in order to maintain his standing with the New York drug suppliers with whom Mouzone has strong standing.

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