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Robert & Johnny

Song Title: We Belong Together

Phil Leotardo sets plans in motion at his social club.

Pietro Mascagni

Song Title: Cavalleria Rusticana

Tony, Bobby, and Silvio talk and horse around at Vesuvio's.

Keith Jarrett

Song Title: Sympathy

Dr. Melfi and friends discuss her patient at a dinner party.

The Doors

Song Title: When The Music's Over

Bobby summons Paulie to the backroom of The Bing.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Song Title: American X

Paulie and Patsy talk at The Bing.

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Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grapelli

Song Title: Nuages

The Sopranos catch up with Artie and Charmaine at Vesuvio's.

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Madder Rose

Song Title: You Remember

Silvio and Paulie read the news at The Bing.

Nat King Cole

Song Title: Ramblin' Rose

Shootout in parking lot of The Bing.

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Song Title: Running Wild

Tony goes to sleep.

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85: The Blue Comet

Season 6

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