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Roger Waters, Van Morrison, The Band

Song Title: Comfortably Numb

Christopher crashes.

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Lucinda Williams

Song Title: Are You Alright?

Tony drives on the Las Vegas strip.

M. Ward

Song Title: Outta My Head

Tony meets Sonya at her apartment.

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Lil' Flip

Song Title: Get It Crunk

AJ and his friends get in a fight outside of the fraternity.

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The Pretenders

Song Title: Space Invaders

Sonya rides Tony.

The Pretenders

Song Title: The Adultress

Sonya rides Tony.

Duke Ellington

Song Title: Sophisticated Lady

Sonya and Tony talk in bed.


Song Title: Minas De Cobre (For Better Metal)

Phil talks to Tony on the phone in his social club.

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83: Kennedy and Heidi

Season 6

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