Season 6

79: Stage 5


Chris Jones: The Unholy

'Cleaver' score

Scott Harris Turner: Dark Minimal Ambient

'Cleaver' score

Flavio Lemelle: Pulverizer

'Cleaver' score

Rick Difonzo: Flotation Device

'Cleaver' score

David Hilker & John Costello: Lookin' 4 Love

'Cleaver' after-party

Willie Bobo: Fried Neckbones & Home Fries (Dan The Automator Remix)

'Cleaver' after-party

Tom Browne: Jam Fo' Real

Tony and Sil discuss 'Cleaver' at the Bing.

Time Pools/Disk Eye Productions (Library version of Dido): Thank You

Chris meets with his AA sponsor at a diner.

Chet Baker: Summertime

Silvio, Jerry Torciano and guests dine out.

Sly and Robbie: Right Stuff Dub

JT Dolan visits Tony and the crew at the Bing.

George Porter: Everybody's Searching (For a Joyride)

Anthony Infante bears bad news at the Bing.

John Cooper Clarke: Evidently Chickentown

Phil commiserates while Chris and Kelly christen their baby.

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