Brick: Dazz

Murmur meets with Ahmed and Muhamed in the Bada Bing.

Elton John: Daniel

Murmur sings to Hillel Teittleman, a Hassid in a black vest working behind the Flyaway Motel counter. Lyric change "Hillel my brother, you are older than me". Murmur hands him cash and is on his way.

Barbarellatones: Fire of Love

Tony meets Artie at the Bada Bing.

Lennie Tristano: You Go To My Head

Artie Bucco talks to Tony and others in Vesuvio.

Zino and Tommy: Gangstadog

Christopher and Little Carmine follow Sir Ben around the Luxury Lounge.

Vivaldi: Allegro Violin Concerto In G Major) (Chap C25)

Artie and Charmaine welcome customers into Vesuvio.

Pepe Romero: Recuerdos De La Alhambra

Artie cooks a rabbit in the kitchen and Italians look at gifts purchased. Music continues over end credits.

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