TOM PETTY: American Girl

Carmela plays CD on boombox for Tony.

MIKE FINNEGAN: Just A Little Bit

Tony gets off an elevator and heads to the bar. He has a conversation with the bartender.

DEEP PURPLE: Smoke On The Water

Carmela plays song on boombox for Tony.

PRODIGY: Spitfire

Chris talks to Ahmed and Muhammed at the Bada Bing.

DAVE "BABY" CORTEZ: The Happy Organ

Some other business people ask Tony to join him for dinner.

JIMMY SMITH: There Will Never Be Another You

Tony and businessmen talk. Tony phones home and leaves the restaurant.

CAPRIS: There's a Moon Out Tonight

Playing on boombox with Tony and Carmela.

MOBY: When it's Cold I'd Like To Die

Carmela spends time with Tony.

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