Season 3

Episode 27

"Bryan's Brain"


Ricky, Stephen and Karl prepare to introduce the new season of the show. After Stephen reads an angry letter in the Sunday Times about Karl's rants, Karl muses that museums have too many items. "Don't tell me you have seven millions bits of stuff," he says, "just show me the good stuff." Karl goes on to describe his idea for an invention: a clippable mat that attaches to the bottom of a cup. Finally, Karl pitches a film. An actor is in a terrible accident at the very moment Tom Cruise dies while filming Mission: Impossible 7. Being that this is set in the future (2013, to be exact), doctors are able to save the man from disfiguration, by placing him inside Tom Cruise's body. He goes on to star in Mission: Impossible 8 and live his life looking like Tom Cruise, much to the delight of his girlfriend.

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