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William Alfred Kane, USS Pensacola CA 24 (1941-1946)

Posted 07:10 PM | May 17, 2010

:My father William A Kane from Ossining, New York enlisted in the US Navy in 1941 following Pearl Harbor. He served aboard the Heavy Cruiser, USS Pensacola, hull number CA 24 from 1942- till the end of the war in 1945. The Pensacola earned 13 battle stars for service in the Pacific. The Pensacola was later used as a target ship for the Bikini Atoll atomic tests and was sunk off the state of Washington in 1948. See this link for photos and story of the Pensacola, In 1950 following the Korean outbreak my father once again served in the Navy serving on board the USS Princeton, an Essex class carrier, hull number CV 37, USS Princeton link Sporting a new movie camera he would sit topside and capture planes landing and taking off for the Korean peninsula. In addition to the ships log books I still posses 3 reels of film that include R&R in Japan. My father always said to me that he did not want me to become like him, that I was going to college, and yet I don't think he ever knew how proud I was of him, and what he had done. Following the Korean War he returned to Ossining and worked for the State of NY at Sing Sing prison. This HBO series has stirred up many emotions, first and foremost, how much I miss him. My father died in 1983. I can only hope this digital record will live well beyond my years as a tribute to my late father, William Alfred Kane.