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Victor Marinelli Pacific Veteran

Posted 06:43 PM | May 19, 2010

My neighbor is Victor Marinelli. He is 90 years old and he's still sharp as a tack. He spent 6 years of his life in the Navy. Three in the Atlantic and three in the Pacific. Victor has a Purple Heart. He was forced to jump off sinking ships more than once. At one point, his job was to get into the water near Guadacanal at night and float drums of fuel to the shore to support the battling troops. Victor has not seen "The Pacific" but I've told him about it and hopefully he will accept the invite to our house to watch it. I did tell him about the depiction of the 1st Marine Division landing on Guadacanal. He was familiar with the story because he told me he was on the USS Wasp and helped those marines into the landing craft. The USS Wasp was later sunk when he was on it. I'm not sure how accurate his stories are after all of these years, but it's great to hear how passionate he gets when telling stories about those days. He is quick to break out his 65 year old photo album to show picture of his buddies and the places he went throughout the world. It's a great honor to be Victor's next door neighbor. He would have been a great resource to help write the story of The Pacific.