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My New Respect For My Dad

Posted 06:29 PM | May 19, 2010

Mom and Dad never got along very well and behind Dad's back was the fact that Mom told us of the weakness of my Dad during WW2. We now, after viewing "The Pacific", have a whole new belief in Dad and the fact that we have much more respect for him and what he did during WW2. He was chasing the Japanese through the Islands of the Pacific and ended up being on leave to a local Hospital helping soldiers who couldn't write to write the letters home to thier famitlies. As was typical for the Marines to be in the middle of the battles, he must have gone through a pure Hell situation to have been shell shocked and committed to the wards of the hospital to help our boys there. We have a whole new respect for our father (He fathered 4 children) and died uncerimoniously die in a nursing home when the entire family abandoned him 10 years ago. We can't believe the lack of respect my Mom had for the man and for us to be dragged into false opinions about our Dad. I did my service in Viet Nam and that was nothing compared to what you viewed in the Pacific. This should be a documentary for all the sons and daughters being showed this film in all public places like the classroom, for all of us to find a new respect for our fathers who fought the Japanese. Though both my parents died I'm proud to have continued to call him on his birthdays and holidays. These men were great fighters for our country and to have fought so fiercly to help us keep a democracy here in the United States. Thank you for showing me this documentary and I've got a date for 9:00 PM on Sunday to watch the final episode.