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My Father - My Thanks And Gratitude

Posted 07:01 PM | May 17, 2010

Though I have no relatives who fought in World War II, I do want to express my thanks and gratitude for all that you did. A grateful nation thanks you and will always remember what you did. My Father was born just months after the war ended and in 1970, when I was just 6 months old, he left for Vietnam where he served in the Army as a helicopter pilot. He served with distinction and I am very proud of what he did. By all accounts, he came back a changed man and when I asked him to share, he would always tell me that I really didn't want to know what he saw and did. Watching The Pacific I now understand why he kept things to himself. Like others who served, he did so with honor and never complained. Sadly, he passed away a little over 6 months ago and now he lives on in my memory. God bless all of you.