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Generation To Generation

Posted 06:36 PM | May 19, 2010

My grandfather served in the 6th Armored Division in places like Bastogne. He was awarded 2 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for his heroic actions during the war. As I watched the 3rd episode of The Pacific, chills ran up my spine when Chesty Puller told John Basilone that he was being awarded the Medal of Honor. As a Marine, I served with the 2nd Marines in Iraq and have seen my fair share of the war. Every time I see or read a story about men like John Basilone, a pride comes over me like nothing I could ever explain or show. The mere fact that I have served in a family with John Basilone, Chesty Puller, and all the other Marines deserving of accolades; it makes everything sour become ever so sweet. I am proud of this generation of Marines who have risked everything in the Pacific and asked for nothing. "Freedom has a flavor the protected shall never know." (Lcpl Kraft. Khe Sanh, Vietnam. 1968) The debt that all men pay was brought all too short for many Marines in the Pacific and we all owe them the justice and respect they deserve. To all Marines past and present...You shall NEVER be forgotten. Semper Fidelis!