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Corporal Joseph E. Lambert

Posted 06:45 PM | May 19, 2010

This is my grandfather, Corporal Joseph E. Lambert. He joined the Marines in 1942 and was shipped to Guadalcanal where he fought in the engagements at Matanikao River and Point Cruz from October 1942 to November 1942. He contracted Malaria and was wounded also and was sent back to 29 Palms, CA to recuperate. He then volunteered to go back and was sent to Pavuvu Island where he met up with Eugene Sledge and served in K-3-5 First Marines. He fought on the Island of Peleliu where Eugene Sledge described him in his book as Cigar Chewing Joe Lambert where he observed him many times placing satchel charges in Japanese caves. From there he was sent to Okinawa where he fought alongside Eugene Sledge. Evidently on May 31, 1945 he was assigned as a Section Leader with Company L to retake a ridge that the Japanese had taken control of. He voluntarily crawled through heavy machine gun fire, threw a satchel charge in a cave, which killed many of the enemy and enabled the Marines to retake control of the ridge. On his return to the CP he was hit with artillary shrapnel. If not for Mr. Sledges book and his description of the events that day my brothers and I would never have known exactly how our Grandfather lost his life. It was a real relief to know that someone who really cared for him was there to try and comfort him in his last minutes. He left behind one son and 4 grandchildren who he never saw. I also want to thank Henry Sledge for putting me in contact with R. V. Burgin, Bill Leyden, Jim Anderson, and Ray Wilson who all served with my Grandfather. Especially do I thank the lateJim Anderson who sent me pictures of my Grandfather when he was penned down behind a transport on the beach at Peleliu and a Christmans menu which my Grandfather signed. I also want to thank R. V. Burgin for the picture of the survivors of Peleliu which included himself, my Grandfather, E. B. Sledge and Jim Anderson as well as many others. My only regret is that I didn't start doing my research sooner and I could have talked to E. B. Sledge before he passed away. My brothers and I are intently watching your series to get a full understanding of what they went through. Sincerely Yours, Joseph E. Lambert II his grandson.