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Corp. Vincent A. Martelli 1st Div. Marines Pelelu And Okinawa

Posted 07:22 PM | May 17, 2010

Vincent A. Martelli

My father fought in Okinawa and Pelelu He was wounded in Pelelu and left on a strecher with just a rifle not knowing if anyone was coming back for him. The island was swarming with enemy. He did not know whether to shoot at what moved or to shoot himself. Luckily three marines, Jack Canaal, the Greek and another guy got lost and bumped into my father and were able to save his life. They became lifelong friends and came to our home yearly always jokingabout the war and their experiences. Sadly they have all passed and sadly Pelelu is a battle that only in the last 20 years has been mentioned. The Pacific is so well done . It emotionally smacks me to the core. to know the fear these poor men experienced. Thankyou p.s. This really affected my father in later years. When he was paralyzed due to his war injuries. He would not talk about the war at all, yet always proud to be a Marine. My father was a member of the 1st marine Div. Assoc. and 1-3-5 group. I have papers filled with names of everyone who served Co. 1 third Battalion 5th Marines.