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A Lifetime Of Service

Posted 06:52 PM | May 19, 2010

My Uncle, Haryy G Wrigley was born in 1900. His Mother died and he was given to his Aunt Bertha , my Grandmother to raise. At the ageof 17 in 1917 Harry enlisted and was sent immediately to France. He survived the trenches of the Great War and remained in the Army till he took retirement in 1938. Three years later in Dec. !941, Harry now 41 reenlisted to serve his country once more. He and my Uncle GUs (only 17) were sent to the South Pacific Theater. Gus was in the Navy and served as a Coxwain on the US MacCauley. In July 1942 right befoe the August invasion of Guadelcanal, uncle Gus's ship was Tarpedoed by Jap planes and Sunk. At the salme time Harry was in Battan. The letter from the President told my Grandmom that Harry died of pneumonia at Camp Canabatuan. Harry's buddies that survived visited my Grand Mom after the war and told her that Harry had been bayonetted to death by the Jap guards during an escape attempt. Harry died at 42 after serving in both wars. His body lies at the Great Manila American Cemetary and Memorial in the Republic of the Philppines. My Uncle Gus survived the South Pacific and returned home to my Grand mom. He never ever spoke to anyone about his war experiances. I draged the details out of him at the end of his long life. I consider Gus and Harry to be my Amercian Heros