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Season 0

Part 10

After the Japanese surrender, the Marines head home.

Part 10 Part 10

Part 9

Sledge and the rest of the 1st Marine Division are ordered to relieve an Army division.

Part 9 Part 9

Part 8

Basilone convinces the Marines to allow him to train troops headed for combat.

Part 8 Part 8

Part 7

The Marines continue the battle of Peleliu against an enemy determined to fight to the end.

Part 7 Part 7

Part 6

Sledge, Leckie and the other Marines attempt to capture the Peleliu airfield.

Part 6 Part 6

Part 5

Sledge gets his first taste of combat on Peleliu.

Part 5 Part 5

Part 4

Leckie falls ill as the Marines battle a new enemy: disease.

Part 4 Part 4

Part 3

Leckie, Basilone and thousands of their comrades land in Melbourne.

Part 3 Part 3

Part 2

Basilone and the 7th Marines arrive on Guadalcanal.

Part 2 Part 2

Part 1

Leckie and Phillips land on Guadalcanal.

Part 1 Part 1