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Soldier fires gun in battle

Jon Seda close up dress uniform

soldiers fire weapons

soldier with gun at night

soldiers fire from above dirt flies from impact

soldier stands up holds helmet others sit near

older officer reads note to troops

soldier pulls injured body during battle

Post battle soldiers help wounded walk

soldier and girl on picnic

James Badge Dale close up The Pacific

soldier offers cigarette to a fellow soldier on ground

explosion during battle soldiers run foreground

soldier runs holding helmet

soldiers run behind tank

soldiers take cuver behind over turned truck

soldiers climb hill

soldiers climb across rocky ledge

soldiers climb rocks one man stands and looks back

Rami Malek holds metal object in fingers

soldiers walking

soldier kisses bride wedding

soldier sitting pensive

soldier lays on cot man sits next to him

officer yells at soldier standing at attention in barracks

two soldiers talking

soldier wearing helmet dirty face close up

soldier in uniform with family in home

soldier hugs family mamber by train car


The Pacific tracks the stories of three U.S. Marines in the Pacific Theater of WW II.

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