played by Desmond Dube

BK is owner of the Last Chance Hair Salon, next door to the detective agency.

Character Bio

BK is owner of the Last Chance Hair Salon, next door to Precious' No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in the neighborhood of Kgale Hill, on the outskirts of Gaborone. The flamboyant hairdresser is of the opinion that his styling work and detective work are very similar. Both jobs can totally change peoples' lives in an afternoon: Precious by solving the problems in their lives and BK by solving the problems of their hair.


Desmond Dube is a South African actor and entertainer. In his country, Dube is best known for his roles in 'Friends Indeed,' 'Suburban Bliss' and 'Joburg Blues.' Dube can also be seen on 'Monday,' one of the most popular comedy variety shows on television in South Africa.

Dube is a trained theatrical actor receiving South Africa's Avanti Award for Best Comedy Actor in 'Joburg Blues,' an Avanti Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 'Suburban Bliss,' a Stellenbosch Festival Best Supporting Actor and Promising Writer Award and Loerie Award for Best Contribution for his role in the SASOL 'Amaglugglug' commercial.

In film, Desmond starred opposite Oscar® Nominee Armin Mueller-Stahl and Nthati Moshesh in 'The Long Run.' And in 2004, Desmond had a lead role in the Academy Award®-nominated 'Hotel Rwanda,' starring alongside Nick Nolte and Don Cheadle.

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