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Is Tim Still Alive? Dildarian Speaks.

Posted 01:00 PM | Feb 21, 2012

Tim Rodney Stu

In the final moments of season three of The Life and Times of Tim,' the last we see of the show's titular hero is him standing below a giant falling letter 'O.' Is Tim still alive? Below, show creator Steve Dildarian answers questions about the controversial cliffhanger finale.

HBO: The final episode ends with a giant 'O' about to fall on Tim's head. Is this ending your 'Sopranos' moment?

It's funny you say that, because we definitely wanted to build to something that could go either way. It's just the nature of doing a TV show, especially in our case, where if the show ends after the season, it's an appropriate way for Tim to go. And if we keep going, there are endless funny ways to continue. What happened after that 'O' fell on him? Was he injured badly? Was the letter so inexpensively made that it didn't hurt him? Is Omnicorp busted? Is Tim whisked off to the Caribbean? I don't know how fans will interpret it. I think it'll be resolved when we learn the fate of the show. It's a tricky way to write, when you just don't what the future holds. It's as wide open as we could've left it.

HBO: If Tim were dead, what would be the first line of his obituary?

Probably something like, "Here lies Tim. He loved Charleston Chews." Something that says nothing about his experience on earth. He's such an observer of life, it would be inappropriate to suggest what he did.