The Smug Chiropractor

At Amy's birthday party, Tim makes a scene in the middle of her best friend Julie's toast when he burns his hand reaching for the lasagna. A man who introduces himself as a doctor offers Tim medical advice, but when Stu asks him to get them painkillers, the man reveals that he's just a chiropractor. Tim says he's "closer to a masseuse than a neurosurgeon," and the chiropractor takes offense, telling Tim he's closer to a "dick/a**hole than a cool guy I'd want to hang out with." Amy is upset with Tim for offending the chiropractor, who turns out to be Julie's boyfriend. At work, The Boss invites Tim to be the token white guy at his poker game of powerful black men. Sitting among Colin Powell, Reggie Jackson and Al Sharpton's college roommate, Tim wins a sizable amount from former Saturday Night Live cast member Tim Meadows. When the emcee for the chiropractor's charity event drops out at the last minute, Tim says he can get Tim Meadows to fill in and saves the day. At the event, a fundraiser for Chiropractors Without Borders, Tim Meadows tries out some of his edgier material, as he's preparing for a film role. Edgy Tim Meadows bombs, and when Julie's boyfriend tries to get him to stop, the SNL alum punches him in the face. Tim tries to get him medical attention, but he's looking for a doctor in a room full of chiropractors.

Corporate Disaster

When a mysterious corporate disaster strikes, all non-essential personnel are asked to leave Omnicorp. Tim goes with Rodney and Stu to the bar, but then he receives a call from The Boss to come back and help deal with the crisis. There's a massive sinkhole in New Jersey, caused by an implosion at an Omnicorp factory. A tough, chain-smoking PR woman is brought in for damage control, and she decides that Tim is going to be the face of the company as they deal with the worse ecological disaster in the history of New Jersey. She brings him to the site of the "hellmouth" to deliver their corporate statement, warning him not to apologize or accept blame. Tim does an admirable job at first, but during the Q&A session, the wheels come off as he makes a point of saying that Omnicorp is not sorry. When asked if he wants to clarify his statement, Tim revises and says, "We're a little bit sorry." Tim is ripped for his performance, but since he can't be fired under the terms of his previous settlement with the company, they decide to send him to the Caribbean on Omnicorp's dime. Much to Tim's surprise, Amy is happy with the development. As Tim prepares to leave, he says goodbye to the building. Above his head, construction workers are replacing the name on the building--Rodney's idea--and the O in Omnicorp falls loose and crashes on top of him.

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