The Well Dressed Snitch

Tim shows up at Amy's friend Julie's party, and he is immediately yelled at. She and her guests think his blazer over a t-shirt and jeans combination is severely underdressed for the occasion. Out on the balcony, Tim meets Garby, who actually admires his fashion sense. When he finds out that Tim is a Junior Vice President at Omnicorp, he invites him to pose for his feature in GQ on the rising young stars of corporate America. The photographer dresses Tim up in a chunky scarf at the Omnicorp office, and everyone actually thinks he looks great - even Amy and Julie. When Tim goes to return the clothes, he learns that "GQ" actually stands for Garvey Quantelbaum, and that the whole thing was a set-up for him to steal files exposing Omnicorp's corporate malfeasance. Garvey goads Tim into revealing everything he knows about Omnicorp, which turns out to be very little. The issue comes out, and it features Tim as the face of corporate idiocy, along with his quote, "I thought Omnicorp was owned by Pizza Hut."

Pray for the Jets

The Priest gets Tim and Stu great seats at the Jets game. He invites them inside the locker room, where he leads the team in prayer. The Priest enlists Tim and Stu to place a bet with a bookie on his behalf, which he can't do himself because "prayers are insider information." The bookie realizes whose bet they're really placing, and he demands that they pay the Priest's longstanding debt. If they don't come up with the money within a week, he'll send his muscle after Tim. The Priest's gambling debts have forced him to sell the church's bibles and its cross, so he asks Tim to place one final desperate bet on his behalf, all on the Jets. Tim decides to place his money on something safer, and gets his old friend Tanya to throw her women's basketball game. Tanya does her best, but being only the fifth best player on the team, her team easily overcomes her efforts. The bookie's assistant shows up at Tim's door, and cowering in front of Amy, Tim says he'll do anything the guy wants, down to robbing her family. That won't be necessary, however, as the bookie's been stabbed by a disgruntled customer and all the debts have been forgiven.

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