Action Packed Heist

The Boss invites the Omnicorp employees to his house for a birthday party, but when they arrive he reveals that it was a ruse to enlist their help in an elaborate plot to kidnap his dog. Along with Ted Griffin, the writer of ‘Ocean's Eleven,' they set out to break into his ex-wife's house. The Boss and Becky go off to do karaoke as an alibi. Marie distracts the security guard, who has a heart attack. Tim takes control of the situation and swipes the key. When Stu "Baryshnikov" tiptoes into position, he finds out that the dog has been secretly replaced with a koala bear. In the morning, The Boss has two other employees pose as the dog's adoptive family. When Tim asks why they had to go through the whole process, The Boss shrugs and says it was all Ted Griffin's idea.

Fall Foliage

Tim and Amy go on a trip to Vermont with Stu and his new girlfriend Gladys. They arrive at the Maplewood Falls bed and breakfast, which is run by an older couple named Dorothy and Judd (who has a fondness for foliage puns). The group sets out on a fall foliage tour and when Tim is caught peeing on the side of the trail, he gets banned from the tour. He returns to the lodge, where Dorothy, the female proprietor, asks him to "taste my peach cobbler." The next day, Tim goes into town, where a local waiter informs him the place is rigged with hidden cameras that the owners use to film their guests having sex. While snooping around for evidence, Tim is caught and decides to come clean. He admits he knows that Judd and Dorothy are pornographers and tells Judd that Dorothy tried to seduce him. Judd explains that Tim confused the Maplewood Falls Lodge with the Maplewood Falls Motel and Dorothy explains that she really was asking Tim to taste her cobbler. Tim is asked to leave, which Judd notes, is meant both literally and as a play on the word 'leaf.'

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