Strip Club Hostage Situation

Tim promises to take Rodney and Stu out to lunch on his corporate card, and they insist he take them to the local strip club, Bonerz. Once inside, they convince him to pay for the champagne room, since beverages are a part of lunch. While the men are enjoying the company of two friendly strippers, the lights suddenly turn on, revealing that the women have been around the block more than it seemed. The strip club is being held up by a gunman looking for his old girlfriend. When the police arrive, the gunman is disappointed that it's only one cop and his dog, not the circus atmosphere he feels he deserves. Tim agrees to put the cost of the additional police force on his corporate card, and the gunman is elated. He's particularly enthralled by the snipers, who gun him down in the front of the club. When Tim is called in to answer for the excessive charges, he's docked a full year's salary and then some, but he earns the admiration of The Boss ... and the office's "#1 Horndog" award.

Game Night

Tim and Amy organize a game night with their friends, but Tim is upset when he finds out that Amy has given away Jenga, his favorite game. Tim decides to brave the blizzard outside and buy the game. In the street, he runs into his friend Debbie the prostitute, whose butt is stuck to a metal pole. He goes to buy olive oil to help separate her from the pole, but the store clerk will only sell him the high-end gourmet kind. Meanwhile, the other party guests play "How did you lose your virginity?" Rod and Stu share their disappointing stories: one fictional, the other pathetic. Then Amy reveals that she lost hers to Tim. Returning home, Tim is empty-handed, having spent too much money on Debbie's olive oil to purchase the game. He shares his story about pledging a frat, in which the goal was to sleep with five women in one weekend. When Tim got up to Amy, number four, he dropped out of the contest. Amy doesn't think it's as romantic as he does.

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