A Tale of Two Rodneys

When the employees return to Omnicorp, they find things have changed. Tim, having received a promotion as part of the plea deal, is moved from the sixth floor, where Rodney and Stu work, to the seventh floor with the other executives. Rodney goes to his desk and discovers the attractive woman from the lobby in his seat. The Boss introduces Rodney to Rodney-he didn't want to bother learning another assistant's name, so he changed hers. The male Rodney becomes Tim's assistant, much to his chagrin. With Stan's help, they prank call the women in the office. The Boss tells Tim to get his employees in shape-"degrade, defile and demoralize them." Tim demands Rodney get off his ass and get an ass, an actual donkey, to see who's better at the job. Meanwhile, Stu convinces the attractive but not-too-bright Rodney that he is Stu-balls Omnicorp, the head of the company acting undercover as a low-level employee for a television show. When The Boss sees the donkey in the office, he takes command: He strips Tim of his assistant, brings the original Rodney back as his own assistant, and has Stu pick up after the donkey. The female Rodney protests that Stu is Mr. Omnicorp, and The Boss realizes she's too dumb to work anywhere but the lobby.

Keith to the Rescue

The Boss invites Tim to a party on a boat to celebrate his divorce, and Tim scores an invitation for Stu and Rodney. Later, while ironing out the details of the divorce, The Boss finds out that his lawyer has lost his dog, Keith, in the settlement. Heartbroken, The Boss grabs Keith and makes a run for it. He gets on the boat with Tim, Stu and Rodney before any of the other guests or "loose women" have arrived and demands they ship out. The next morning, Tim realizes that living their days out on the boat like pirates is not a workable solution and suggests they pretend Keith died instead. The Boss goes a little overboard in the fake police report describing Keith's heroic death, in which he saved Tim's life. The report attracts the attention of the Discovery channel's 'Extreme Animal Rescues,' whose producers want to film a reenactment. During filming Tim trashes the man portraying him, and the actor quits on the spot. Tim is called in to replace him and really sells it. He acts so well that when he acts out calling out for Keith, the real Keith sneaks out and rushes over, revealing the whole thing as a ruse.

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