Super Gay Eduardo

Amy forces Tim to confront a man posting flyers in front of their building. As Tim lays into him, it becomes clear that the man doesn't speak much English. He breaks down, crying in Spanish, and hands Tim a flyer that reads "Super Gay Eduardo," which advertises his ability to "screw, nail, and lube." Amy realizes that the man is looking for a job as a superintendent, and she instructs Tim to do something nice and remove the offending flyers. When Tim and Stu see Eduardo, they talk to him about his mistake, but the language barrier makes it difficult to determine if Eduardo is actually advertising his services as a plumber or a male prostitute. They ask Debbie, Tim's friendly neighborhood prostitute, to translate (she speaks Portuguese), and she tells them that Eduardo is indeed whoring himself out. Tim and Stu feel bad for removing the flyers, and along with Debbie's professional consultation, help Eduardo place a provocative ad for "Horny Old Latino Action" in the Village Voice. The next day Eduardo and his family come by Tim and Amy's place with a neighbor to translate. Eduardo, she says, has never been gay; he simply thought the term meant "non-union." He really was looking for work as a super. However, given the overwhelming response to the ad, he and his wife feel that, for the sake of his family, it would be financially irresponsible for him NOT to work as a male prostitute. Over the protests of his young son, he thanks Tim for putting him on the path to prosperity.

The Pros and Cons of Killing Tim

Searching for work at the library, Tim and Stu find out that former Omnicorp employees are filing a class-action law suit against the company. The lawyers are expecting a settlement of $100 million. Reuniting with their former coworkers, they find out that nobody has found successful work after Omnicorp. When their lawyer meets Tim, he wants to make him his star witness: Tim's frailty and helplessness will sway any jury. Omnicorp finds out that Tim is testifying against them and worry that they have no plan to counter the avalanche of humiliation that Tim has suffered at the company. One of the lawyers does have an idea: killing Tim. Unable to reach a decision, they make a chart outlining the pros and cons of killing Tim-the pro: "we win," the con: "murder wrong." That night Tim receives a semi-threatening phone call, and his lawyers decide to put him in protective custody. They give him a bodyguard and nice hotel room, but it becomes apparent that the guard is more interested in pampering himself than protecting Tim. While the bodyguard receives an aromatherapy massage, The Boss comes in to warn Tim that the other executives are considering having him killed. He offers Tim another, smaller settlement, one in which everyone gets their job back and Tim gets a raise, in exchange for testifying on Omnicorp's behalf. Tim accepts the deal and says all of the humiliations he's suffered were his own idea--from the time Tim wore blackface to impersonate The Boss at the DMV to the time they made him put peanut butter on his genitals and released the dogs on him. The case won, Tim and the Boss share a drink back at Omnicorp. As The Boss tells him that the whole threat was just a scare tactic, Tim looks up and sees a chart: "The Pros and Cons of Killing Tim."

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