The Caddy's Shack

Tim goes back to the caddying job at the golf course where he worked in high school. When he tells the other caddies that he's just there for the exercise, Uncle Lou, one of the elder caddies, takes Tim to task for it. On the course, a friend from school recognizes Tim, and wants to grab a drink after the round to talk about a potential job offer. Back in the caddy clubhouse, a young caddy named Trent challenges Tim to a caddy-off. Tim takes him up on it and wins, which means Trent has to strip naked and have sex with the 18th hole. At Lou's urging, Tim films it and sends it to Lou's cell phone. Lou then blackmails Tim into caddying for him for the day, under the threat that he'll reveal Tim shot and distributed child pornography. At Lou's shack, he instructs Tim to do menial labor, when a snake climbs up and bites the old caddy. Tim makes him agree to destroy the video before getting the antidote, and Lou dies while waiting for it. The next day, another caddy reveals that Lou doesn't even have a cell phone, he was just offended when Tim said he was caddying for the exercise.

The Sausage Salesman

Stu gets yelled at by a grocery store owner for taking too many sausage samples. The sausage salesman convinces Stu to bring Tim and Rodney to a wild sausage-selling recruiting event. At dinner with Amy's parents, Amy's dad is on Tim's case for not having a job. The next day, he asks Tim to break up with his daughter until he finds work. Tim lies and says that he's selling sausages, and he loves it. Amy, upset that her dad intervened in her relationship, also lies and says that Tim is making $300,000 a year in the sausage-selling business. When Amy's dad gets picked on at work, he storms out of his job of 30 years to take a high end sausage-selling job. When he finds out the job isn't what it seems--it barely pays $20,000 a year--Amy's mom flips out. Amy realizes that, unlike Tim, she's just not cut out for lying.

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