Percey Davis Boulevard

After the Boss convinces the city to name a street after him, he calls his former employee Tim in to meet for lunch. The security guard mistakes Tim for a disgruntled worker who's come back on a rampage and pepper sprays him in the face. The Boss offers Tim 60 dollars to clap at his street naming, and Tim walks out, insulted. Amy convinces him to repair his relationship with the Boss, and Tim, Stu and Rodney all come out to applaud at the event. The Boss--whose name the street sign reveals is Percey B. Davis--struggles to get through his speech as a Chinese funeral parade marches through the other end of the street. Tim tries to fix the situation, but only angers the marchers. When the situation deteriorates further, Percey B. Davis Boulevard becomes synonymous with race riots.

Cool Uncle Stu Balls

Stu gets an unexpected visit from his nephew and biggest fan, Abe. Burned out from the pressure of his upcoming bar mitzvah, Abe has run away from home to hang out with his "Cool Uncle Stu Balls." After a night of increasingly embarrassing incidents--culminating in Stu getting half a mermaid tattoo--Abe realizes that his cool uncle isn't all he thought he was. In fact, Stu's life is so depressing that Abe decides to rededicate himself to his studies, religion, and becoming "The Anti-Stu." Amy and Tim check on a depressed Stu and find him lying unconscious on the floor of his bathroom. Thinking he attempted suicide, they bring Stu to the hospital (he'd actually just eaten some bad hot dogs and expired acid reflux pills). Tim tells Abe to do something nice for his uncle. At the bar mitzvah, Abe reveals that he got a tattoo of Stu's name in Hebrew, to his parents' horror.

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