The Model from Newark

Following layoffs at Omnicorp, Tim tells Amy he has a new job working at Ernst & Young. She's impressed, but he's actually working as an assistant to a demanding female basketball player named Tanya. When he lies to Amy about why he's sneaking off to Newark, she enlists Stu to find out if he's having an affair. Tanya surprises Tim at the bar in front of his friends and drags him off to the ladies room, which confirms Stu's suspicions. She needs him to secure clean urine for a drug test, and Tim asks his former co-worker Marie to provide it. As it turns out, Marie has been taking a variety of substances, including male growth hormone, and Tanya gets cut. When Tim gets home, Amy confronts him about his unexplained absences. With Stu too ready to pick up the rebound, Tanya storms in and dumps the pee on Amy. Tim comes clean about his job, and Amy finds the story too embarrassing to be a lie.

Tim's Hair Looks Amazing

Tim has a follow-up job interview with an insurance company. Before he can go in, he needs to get a haircut. He goes to his usual spot, but his barber, Rodrigo, left after informing all his valued customers of the switch--a list that doesn't include Tim. Tim argues with his cab driver and gets into an accident. At the driver's insistence, Stu takes over his duties and picks up a fare with Tim in tow. The passenger goes to Rodrigo's new hair salon, and Tim comes along. He pleads with his old barber to give him a quick cut before the interview. Rodrigo takes a buzzer and gives Tim a "reverse Mr. T" instead of the classic look, "The Tim." He then explains that he's exacting his revenge on Tim for five years of bad tips and insensitive comments. Tim nails the job interview, but the haircut leads his interviewer to believe that he's mentally unstable.

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