London Calling

All the international heads of Omnicorp meet in New York when the company's chairman comes to town... to clean house. Tim's boss holds a meeting to dole out the firings - and lucky Tim makes it through unscathed. The boss introduces Tim to the chairman, who invites him to a lunch meeting to decide whether Tim should go to London for a management-training program. Tim rents a suit (which is a little tight in the crotch) and heads to the Oak Room for his meeting, and everything goes well. But Tim gets into an argument about tipping with the bathroom attendant, who later comes out into the dining room and tells everyone in the restaurant that Tim didn't wash his hands and said lewd things about one of his coworkers. Both are actually lies, but they're enough to get Tim fired on the spot.

The Novelist


Without a job, Tim has decided to spend his afternoon at O'Flaherty's, which is quiet and filled with desperate alcoholics. And when Tim, Rodney and Stu try to compare their problems with those of the drunken daytime regulars, they don't even come close: One man is losing his jawbone to cancer. Tim steps outside and ends up talking with a crazy novelist who looks more like a homeless vet. Tim decides to follow his own dream to become a writer, and goes straight home to share his plan with Amy, who's surprisingly supportive. Tim returns to the bar the next day to talk with his new mentor again, but the man dies facedown in a plate of nachos. As it turns out, the writer, Norman Walker, was famous and Tim had no clue. O'Flaherty's immediately starts cashing in on the author's demise, selling death-themed dishes and bragging to literary nerds about Tim's "relationship" with Walker. The story of Tim's tutelage under him actually reaches the man's publisher, and they want Tim to co-author his last book. They assign him a ghost writer, who could care less about the book and just wants to get paid, so Tim decides to write it himself. This makes Amy very proud ... until she reads the drivel he's produced. 

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