Personality Disorder

Stu's three-piece Halloween costume - Tim as a hot dog, Amy as mustard and Stu as the bun - not only offends Amy but also causes static at Tim's office. When Stu shows up late to work, everyone thinks Tim has dressed up as a penis. The boss is thrilled with Tim's penis costume, but Marie from HR (who is dressed as a sexy nurse) tells Tim he needs to remove his getup before he gets fired. After helping Tim out of the costume, Stu suggests that he get a note from a doctor to explain the bad behavior, so Tim visit's Stu's childhood psychologist for an awkward therapy session involving candy and a toy truck. When Tim returns to work with a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, Marie and the boss have a breakthrough: Since Tim suffers from a disease that prevents him from respecting the feelings of others, they can now put him to work sharing inconsiderate feedback with company employees. Tim tells a coworker that he smells bad, informs the boss's wife that she's gained weight ... He even belittles two girls on school soccer team. But when Tim is asked to tell Becky to wear a sexy sweater, Stu overhears and is overcome with jealousy (he secretly loves Becky) and arranges for the boss to find out that Tim lied about his disease. Instead of firing Tim, however, the boss assumes he must be a sociopath and tasks him with killing his neighbor's cat.


Stu hits on a receptionist at Omnicorp, and though she's very polite, she has to point out that she's far too attractive to date him. Upstairs, Stu and Tim listen to their coworker Stan explain how he got banned from O'Flaherty's for starting a fight over the pool table. After work at the bar, Stu and Tim watch as the table is removed and replaced with a ping-pong setup to prevent any more violence. It turns out that Stu is awesome at ping-pong, and when Becky says that she'd be into him if she didn't have a boyfriend, Stu starts to take his game very seriously. While training at a rec center, Stu get into an altercation with another player and then agrees to battle him at O'Flaherty's. A bit of Googling, however, turns up that his opponent was an Olympic champ - there's no way Stu will ever win. Becky shows up dressed as a cheerleader, but before the game can start, Stan arrives, starts a fight with the ping-pong pro and punches him in the face. Stu's win by forfeit, however, is not enough to get Becky back to his place.

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