Debbie's Mom

When Debbie has an allergic reaction to a bee sting, Tim takes the hooker to the emergency room. She survives the sting, and her mother shows up at the hospital to check on her. The next day, Debbie arrives at Tim's apartment and tells him and Amy that she's become a palm reader - just like her mom. Tim, along with Stu and Rodney, takes a trip to her shop, where she tells Tim that he's going to get molested on Staten Island. That night, when he shares this with Amy, she starts to worry - she takes fortune-telling very seriously and decides to run the situation by her own palm reader. Stu suggests that Tim defeat the prophecy by going to a Staten Island Hooters restaurant and forcing the prediction to come true. So they go to Honkers - a Hooters that has lost its franchise license - and Stu leads Tim out by the Dumpster to molest him. Stu seems to enjoy this a bit too much, but nonetheless, Tim's fortune has come true and he's now free to enjoy beers inside the knock-off bar.

The Escape Artist

 Tim and his coworkers go on an office retreat, but instead of flying to Orlando, they visit Coney Island - in the winter. The ruse is part of the year's corporate goal of "distrust-building." The Boss explains that people work harder when they hate each other and then makes Tim tell the group something embarrassing about Stu (that he masturbates at his desk, which surprises no one). After this exercise, an angry magician uses his show to teach the group not to trust anyone in business or in life. He enlists Tim to aid him during the escape portion of his show, locking himself in a tank full of water before forcing Tim to swallow the key. Midway through the act, with the magician struggling inside the tank, Tim frees him... but the next day a lawyer serves Tim papers. The magician is suing Tim for ruining his act. Tim's lawyer says that any jury would like the magician better, so Tim brings Helen from work as a witness. At the courthouse, however, Helen turns on Tim - driving home the lesson that he can trust no one.

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