The Girl Scout Incident

When a coworker sells his daughter's Girl Scout cookies, Tim puts his foot down, insisting that the girl won't learn anything if she doesn't do the legwork. But Tim's refusal - the only thing standing in the way of 100 percent participation at Omnicorp - costs the Girl Scouts $3,000 in company-matching funds. Most of the office brands him a "child-hater," but one coworker, a creepy Boy Scout leader named William, likes the cut of Tim's jib. He agrees to let Tim lead the troop to prove he doesn't hate kids. When Tim picks up the scouts, though, he lacks the funds to pay for a van, so he takes them camping in Central Park. After a run-in with a transvestite, the boys find an abandoned sack of knock-off handbags, which they sell on the street, raising $5,000. At work the next day, William busts Tim for the criminal enterprise.

Rodney Has a Wife?


Rodney explodes into an obscenity-laced rage at the office after finding out his wife is cheating on him. Tim is shocked - he had no idea Rodney has a wife. Rodney drags Tim and Stu on a stakeout to uncover the truth, and they see her making out with a pro hockey player. Not sure whether to be upset or stoked, Rodney spends the night with Tim and Amy. She tells Tim that he needs to fix the situation because it bodes ill for their future - in a few years she might cheat on him with a squash player. Tim brings Rodney to a hockey game to see his wife, Rochelle. Rodney hands her flowers, but then his apology is interrupted by a clutch play - after which Rodney ends up cheering the player who's banging his wife. Rodney goes to a bar after game to beat the player up, but when Rochelle announces she's pregnant, her new boyfriend flees, leaving Rodney with the love of his life and an unborn child guaranteed to have a killer slap shot.

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