Legend of the Month

Tim and Amy get back together, and she marks the occasion by giving him a ridiculous night shirt. When she leaves for a "work thing" though, the building catches on fire and Tim -- wearing the shirt -- has to help a female firefighter named Nancy put out the blaze. Afterward, she convinces Tim that he can never tell anyone that she needed help, that it's hard enough for female firefighters to earn the respect of their male co-workers. She even convinces Tim to let her carry him out of the building. The story becomes an overnight sensation, however, and everywhere Tim goes, he sees the photo of Nancy carrying him. He decides to set the record straight at a ceremony held in Nancy's honor, and the whole situation results in "Tim's Law," a piece of legislation that sets female firefighters back by decades. He is very proud.

Marie's Dead Husband

Tim's co-worker Becky comes in and announces that she's made a condolence card for Marie, whose husband is dead. Everyone signs the card, but Tim's sentiment, "Sorry bout that," is not good enough for Becky. She demands that Tim make things right by cooking a "condolence casserole" for Marie. When he drops by to give Marie the meal, though, Tim finds her tanning on the roof. She admits to inventing a fake husband and then saying he died so she can have extra vacation days. Tim blackmails her -- offering his silence in exchange for a couch in his cubicle. But when Becky finds the casserole at the office and grills Tim, he tells the truth about Marie's fake husband. Becky brings the matter to their boss, who could care less about Marie's lying but punishes Tim for ruining the condolence card. Tim loses his new couch, and Becky gives him a nice card to commemorate his loss.

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