The Comeback Sermon

After Amy kicks Tim out, he tries to find a roommate, but Stu's night terrors and Debbie's hooking sour the deal. When Tim goes to the YMCA for shelter, his old friend, the priest, invites him home to his killer loft. The priest explains that he's been suspended for having a girlfriend and is now trying to write his "comeback sermon." Offering to be Tim's wingman, the priest insists they go to a club, where he and Stu "sandwich dance" with a girl as Tim looks on. The next morning in church, the priest tries to explain to his congregation that he's changed, but they're not buying it once Tim describes the dancing. Tim is not invited back to the loft.

Atlantic City

Tim, Stu and Rodney all call in sick on a Monday and take the bus to Atlantic City. When they find their hotel packed with elderly folks, they head to a strip club to get Tim's mind off of his breakup with Amy by meeting some women who aren't on social security. Unfortunately, one of the dancers is named Amy and looks exactly like Tim's ex "with double-Ds, stiletto heels and a coke problem." After her shift, Stripper Amy accompanies Tim and Stu back to the casino (Rodney has disappeared), where Tim is dragged into a backroom for answering his phone at a blackjack table. Later, Stripper Amy takes Tim down to the boardwalk, where he runs into the real Amy's dad. Luckily, the two men can agree that what happens in South Jersey stays in South Jersey.

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