Tim's Beard

Tim copes with his breakup by growing a beard, and his coworkers compare him - unfavorably - to the homeless man named Vince who lives outside their office. When the boss entertains the idea of firing Tim and replacing him with Vince, Tim asks out an ugly coworker to prove to his boss that he's getting his life back together. Lucky for Tim, his job is so unappealing that the bum won't accept the offer.

Unjustly Neglected Drama

Stu contacts his actor/drug-dealer to order "tickets." But instead of delivering a bag of pot, the drug dealer, named Chipper, shows up with tickets to his horrible play. Stu and Tim suffer through the amateur drama and afterward tell the drug dealer that since they're not really his friends, they shouldn't have to attend events like this. When they return to Stu's apartment, however, a murder has taken place and the police suspect Tim. He uses his "friend's play" as an alibi, but Chipper refuses to back him up.

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