Damon Lindelof

Co-Creator, Executive Producer & Writer


Damon Lindelof earned a film degree from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts before heading west to pursue a television writing career. His early credits include episodes of 'Nash Bridges' and 'Crossing Jordan.' In 2004 he began working with writer-director-producer J.J. Abrams to create a television series about the survivors of a mysterious plane crash in the South Pacific. 'Lost' brought together a number of creative talents that would reteam for 'Star Trek,' which represented Lindelof's first feature credit as a producer. Since then, he has worked as a writer and producer on Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus,' 'World War Z' and the sequel to 'Star Trek,' 'Into Darkness.' He currently has a feature in production for Disney, entitled 'Tomorrowland,' which he is producing and co-wrote with Brad Bird and Jeff Jensen.