Mark Berman

played by Damian Young

Mark is Valerie's doting, loving, and extremely tolerant husband.


Damian Young’s career as an actor has spanned television, film and theater. Young can currently be seen in Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu’s ‘Birdman,’ and last year he appeared in HBO’s ‘Muhammad Ali’s Great Fight.’ Other past films include David Frankel’s ‘Great Hope Springs,’ M. Night Shayamalan’s ‘Unbreakable’ and Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State.’

Television projects have included ‘The Comeback,’ as well as ‘Pan Am,’ ‘Person of Interest,’ ‘White Collar,’ ‘Californication’ and ‘The Adventures of Pete and Pete.’

Young has proved prolific on stage, as well, memorably joining the cast of Broadway’s ‘All My Sons’ and ‘Sacrilege.’ Last summer, Young played Harpagon in ‘The Miser,’ which was performed outdoors with Piper Theatre in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and adapted and directed by Welker White; and appeared in ‘In the Mood’ at the Berkshire Theater Festival.

Damian resides in Brooklyn with his wife and two children.

Mark Berman

Mark is Valerie’s doting, loving and extremely tolerant husband. He’s a businessman and understands little about show business, despite the cameras and crews that constantly invade his home. Mark is seemingly annoyed by Valerie’s “celebrity” and often lets various indiscretions and bad habits slip on camera. Valerie regularly calls him “Marky Mark,” with the occasional “Love Ball” nickname thrown in for good measure.

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