played by Chris Lilley

Jonah moved from the Polynesian island of Tonga as a young boy and has been raised by his father, Rocky...

Character Bio

Jonah moved from the Polynesian island of Tonga as a young boy and has been raised by his father, Rocky. Living at home with his four siblings, two cousins and aunt, Jonah has had some difficulty with his education, more specifically with his behavior in and around the classroom. His obscene outbursts and frequent "tagging" have left little time for mastering academic skills, such as functional literacy. Diagnosed with ADD, Jonah does not take any medication, though his enrollment in a handful of social-services programs may offer some hope for the future.


Chris Lilley received international acclaim for his portrayal of five nominees in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's 'We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year.' Creating and writing the series, Chris won the international Rose d'Or Award for Best Male Comedy Performance as well as Logie Awards for Most Outstanding New Talent and Best Comedy Series and the NSW Premiers Literary Award for Best Script Writing. The series also received nominations for four AFI awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay for Television and Best Lead Male Actor.

Chris' series 'Summer Heights Hig'h was one of the highest-rated series of 2007 and became the biggest-selling TV series of all time in Australia. Chris was awarded AFI Awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Performance in a Television Comedy and the Byron Kennedy Award for 'Summer Heights High.'

Chris began his career as a stand-up comedian and voiceover artist, graduated to television and gained a cult following for his characters Extreme Darren and Mr. G in the sketch comedy series 'Big Bite' and 'Hamish and Andy' on the Seven Network. Chris is also a musician and wrote much of the music for all three series. He released the single 'Naughty Girl,' which became one of the highest-selling Top Ten singles of 2008. Chris set about writing Angry Boys in 2009 and in 2010, Chris filmed and edited his 12-part mockumentary series 'Angry Boys.'

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