Season 5

60: Ecotone


Giuseppe Scarani: Sonata Prima #2

While out to dinner, Claire discovers that Ted is a Republican.

Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto For Two Flutes, Strings & Basso Continuo in C Major

Claire and Ted continue to have dinner, Claire gets a call on her cell phone.

Townes Van Zandt: To Live Is To Fly

Flashback with Nate and Maggie

Den Jian Dong: Spring Morning In Suzhou

In the park, Ruth stumbles upon an outdoor Tai Chi class.

Stefanie Sun: Wo De Ai" AKA "Wou Du Ai

Ruth gets a bus ride back into town with the Chinese tourists.

The Brother's Johnson: Strawberry Letter 23

Nate, Nathanial, and David drive to the beach.

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