Subnoize Souljaz: Let's Ride

In the garage, David catches Durrell driving Keith's SUV.

Quaker Friends: Singing For Our Lives (We Are A Gentle Angry People)

At the church service, the congregation sings together.

The Wiggles: Henry The Octopus

Nate and Brenda argue about Maggie and Quakerism while Maya listens to music.

Jethro Tull: Bouree

Ruth visits Hiram at his hair salon.

Robbers On High Street: Japanese Girls

At the pool hall, Claire and Ted meet up with Ted's old fraternity brothers.

Alexkid (feat. Lisette Alea): Don't Hide It

At the LACARTS show, Claire and Ted talk with Russell, Jimmy and Anita.

Bah Samba: So Tired Of Waiting

Claire catches up with Russell and Olivier at the LACARTS show

Mozart: Ave Verum Corpus

At the funeral, Rico makes sure that everything is taken care of for the Sandoval family.

Townes Van Zandt: To Live Is To Fly

Maggie and Nate get sidetracked on their way to the Quaker friends meeting.

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