Sara McLachlan: Fallen

Brenda gets a call as she shops for new clothes at the maternity store.

Black Toast Music: Yada Yada Yada

Anthony listens to music and does his homework.

Central Living: Everyday (Sven's Version D'Amour)

Brenda and Margaret have lunch and talk about Margaret's new fling.

Teddy Lasry: End Of Spring

Ruth arrives at Victoria's Party.

Journey: Anyway You Want It

At the Saddle Ranch bar, Kristen tells Claire about her history with Ted.

Oscar Peterson: Corcovado

At Victoria's party, Ruth speaks with one of Victoria’s actor friends.

Ryan Adams: Let It Ride

At the Saddle Ranch bar, Claire talks to Ted.

Michael C. Hall: Blow Gabriel Blow

At Durrell's assembly, David recalls his past stage experience.

Black Toast Music: Yada Yada Yada

Durrell talks with Daivd

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