Keren Ann: Jardin D'Hive

At Nate and Brenda's house, Billy reads his previous emails and IMs with Claire.

Donna: Brick House

In the Diaz living room, Julio videotapes Donna singing the Commodore's classic for her audition tape for "Survivor".

Lauren Ambrose: You Ride Up My Thighs (You Light Up My Life)

Claire breaks free of the tedium at her new job.

Joan Armatrading: Show Some Emotion

In the Fisher dining room, the ladies discuss organizing a "ladies only" utopia retreat in Topanga.

Ruth, Sarah, Bettina, Dominique, Susie, Brenda & Lakshmi: Calling All Angels

In the prep room, Ruth and the women sing together around Fiona's body.

Benjy Wertheimer: Purnam Adah

In the slumber room, Ruth finds out that the ladies weren't serious about the utopia retreat

Jane Siberry with k.d. Lang: Calling All Angels

End Titles.

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