FirstCom Music Library: See What The Animals Do

David jumps in the Moon Bounce with Anthony in the park.

Nancy Sinatra: Sugar Town

Claire reluctantly meets with Billy to attempt to give him "closure."

Simply Red: Holding Back The Years

At the knitting shop, Ruth talks about George with Victoria, Cindy & Carmen.

Ringside: Struggle

In the coach house, Claire gets a call from Margaret.

Frankie Yankovich - Herbie Hancock: In Heaven There Is No Beer- Rockit

Augie insists that the Frankie Yankovic was Daniel's favorite and should be played at his funeral. Karl insists that Herbie Hancock was the favorite.

Mood Rotation: Getting Started

Claire meets Margaret to discuss Billy's behavior.

Alexi Delano: Round & Round (Charles Webster Remix)

Billy interrupts Claire and Margaret's dinner to speak with Claire.

Handel: Royal Fireworks Con Grosso

Maggie & George arrive for dinner at Nate & Brenda's.

Oi Voi Va: Od Yeshoma

Victoria and Cindy take Ruth out to dinner and swap stories about being married.

Handel: Water Music, Suite No. 1 in F Major: Air

At dinner, George probes Nate about Lisa's death.

Al Green: Build Me Up

At the apartment, David, Keith and Mary celebrate Mary's pregnancy.

Herbie Hancock: Rockit

In the funeral home, Uncle Danny's viewing.

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