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Song Title: Sidewalks

At the coffee shop, David and Keith meet the surrogate mother, Mary.


Song Title: Walk On By (Acoustic Version)

At the knitting shop, Ruth confides in her new friends of her troubles with George.

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Madeline Peyroux

Song Title: Dance Me To The End Of Love

Keith and David meet Sissy Pasquese, Roger asks if Keith and David can take his children to the salon.

Alva Star

Song Title: Cold Calculated

Claire sits in her car listening to her new CDs and checks her voice mail.

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Song Title: Daylight

At the hair salon, Roger Pasquese's children talk frankly with Keith about sexuality.

Extreme Music Library

Song Title: Lower Level

David and the hairdresser make out in the back room of the salon, but David stops it from going any further.

Josh Rouse

Song Title: Winter In The Hamptons

At the birthday party, Todd talks about his recent divorce, while the ladies in the kitchen light the candles on Nate's cake.


Song Title: Speed Of Sound

At the party, Keith and David attempt to shoo the stray bird out of the house, Billy and Claire argue in the bedroom, Ruth, Maggie and Jackie talk.

Arcade Fire

Song Title: Rebellion (Lies)

Nate and Brenda argue in the hallway.

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James Cromwell and Jeremy Sisto

Song Title: Daddy Sang Bass

George and Billy talk about their medications and sing together.


Song Title: Jonathan's Comedown

Claire and Todd smoke pot in bed.

Arcade Fire

Song Title: Rebellion (Lies)

End Credits.

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55: Time Flies

Season 5

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