Lila Simonds Coolidge (1909 - 2005)

Lila Coolidge of Arcadia was laid to rest on Thursday after a long and fruitful journey on earth. Born in 1909 to Jack and Rose Coolidge of Braxton, PA, Lila entered the world feet first and never stopped running since. One of her great passions in life was travel. She always loved reading about new places and things and was even planning a trip to the Congo just before she passed. For over 50 years she ran the Okie-Dokie Inn in Ojai where people from all over would come for a slice of her pineapple pound cake and a lesson in potting plants (whether they wanted one or not!) In later life she volunteered for the Red Cross, organized senior citizen tour groups, campaigned tirelessly for the Democrats, competed in state bridge tournaments and carefully tended to her beloved hothouse flowers. Dearest Lila, from all your pals at the T.P., we just want to say we love you and we hope you can convince the Man upstairs to give the CA Angels their wings!

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